ZABITEL has started to manufacture the shotguns with a young and dynamic team in 1996 in Konya, Turkey. By incorporating self-confident and specialist workers, it aims to produce the highest quality hunting rifles.

Our story, which started with the manufacture of single barrel in the first years, continued with the side by side production later. After 2000, it has also started to manufacture over and under shotguns, semi-automatic and pump action shotguns, and has expanded its product range to a great extent and managed to keep up with the tough competition conditions of our age.

Today, ZABITEL continues its activities in a total production area of 5.000 m2 in Beysehir district of Konya, and exports to more than 40 countries, especially to the USA, France, New Zealand and Canada. Our company is frequently mentioned in the sector with the fairs abroad and in the country.

Our company, whose basic vision started to serve as a service to human, aims to engrave its name to the minds by producing hunter friendly rifles, giving them unique hunting experiences. All you must do is enjoy the sport you are doing and smile on your face. This is a proof that we respond to the needs of our valued customers and the requirements of the age as soon as possible.